In many project applications, a typical builder has a very challenging task of enclosing the Timberframe structure. This is where Structural Insulated Panel Systems or SIPS play an integral role in the building process. The main purpose of SIPS is to enclose or rap the Timberframe structure, in such a way, that not only is the home Weather Tight and insulated but interior Drywall can be accomplished in the same process.
Using a system in this way, both saves on time/labor costs for the homeowner, and it ultimately creates a environmentally friendly home, which statistically shows integrity, longevity and overall energy savings.

We ensure that all our clients needs are fulfilled, with reference to green building and energy efficiency when building a timberframe structure/SIPS combination.

Mission Statement:

Structural integrity and attention to detail are the backbone fundamentals of Ripple Watch Timbeframes. Each Frame becomes something of it's own, including the character of it's owner and precision of its creator. Find your style of beauty in the frames we build. 
Our Services:

Ripple Watch Timberframes specializes in  handcrafted timber products. Utilizing old school methods of carpentry, we link timbers together with mortise and tenon joinery, fastened with oak pegs. This type of construction provides enormous strength and longevity in the structure; barns built this way, hundreds of years ago, still stand in the present. For more info on timberframing and joinery see Timberframing 101 !
-  Gazebos
  -  Pergolas
  -  Decks
  -  Trusses
  -  Trellises
  -  3 piece Corbels
  -  Arbors     
  -  Full Homes
  -  Hybrid Homes
  -  Sips Panel Homes
(Structural Insulated   Panel Systems)

- Siding
  - Finish Carpentry
  - Fencing
  - Rough Framing
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Our History:

We are a small family owned company, with 10+ years experience in the timberframing craft, job experience includes everything from small residential to commercial. We are constantly evolving to meet the clients needs and to keep up with demands of the industry.
  - Cad Design
  - Custom Design of          Timber Products

Cad Design:

We utilize current cad software to develop custom timberframe designs. Both the clients vision and the structural integrity of the frame are the key elements in developing a solid timberframe design.
(SIPS) Structural Insulated Panel Systems